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Storefront for Art and Architecture

97 Kenmare Street

New York, NY 10012

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Tues. – Sat. 11:00AM – 6:00PM

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WWSf: Host - Natural Histories for Los Angeles

Thursday September 25, 2014 – Friday November 21, 2014

Neutra VDL Research House, Los Angeles, USA

WWSf: Host - Natural Histories for Los Angeles

Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles

September 25 – November 21, 2014

Mimi Zeiger, Leonardo Bravo and River Jukes-Hudson, Sarah Lorenzen


Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles explores the multivalent meaning of “host” though spectacle, parasitic opportunism, and domestic landscapes. The Neutra VDL Research House serves as the site of these investigations and the house, embedded with spatial effects—mirrors, screens, and pools of water—heightens and confuses the relationship between the domestic interior and the exterior.


Host features a penthouse exhibition by Medellin-based architect and landscape architect Luis Callejas that exploits environmental connections between his practice and the Neutra VDL Research House. Big City Forum will host a talk between Callejas and Wonne Ickx of Mexico City’s Productora.


Host includes LA Forum’s Out There Doing It series. Select emerging architects, designers, and writers present work and reflect on Southern California’s cultural landscape. The OTDI series concludes with a potluck curated by Jia Gu of Supper Studio. The 2014 OTDI participants represent expanded architecture and design practice. Their work ventures, sometimes organically and sometimes parasitically, into extra-disciplinary territories and includes film, gaming, publishing, and narrative.


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OfficeUS: Working Summit Issues Workshop

Friday June 6, 2014 – Sunday June 8, 2014

OfficeUS: Working Summit Issues Workshop
Courtesy of Storefront for Art and Architecture.

OfficeUS 25 ISSUES TALKS, the inaugural working summit of the United States Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, la Biennale de Venezia, in Venice, Italy. The conversations took place during the opening days, on June 6th, 7th, and 8th at the US Pavilion in the Giardini and launched the six month investigation of OfficeUS.




12-1 pm Ex-Im

Bernard Tschumi, Brett Steele,  Jonathan Solomon,  Nader Tehrani,  Mark Wigley,  Mohsen Mostafavi,  Richard Armstrong,  Sarah Whiting


Examining the circulation of ideas through different spaces, individuals and socio-political conditions that have shaped the collective imaginary of 20th century architecture.



1-2 pm Best Practices & Around the Clock

Beatriz Colomina, James von Klemperer,  Juan Herreros,  Sylvia Lavin,  Leong&Leong


Examining the effects of organizational structures, business models and tools on the life of a practice, as well as on its architectural products while discussing the contemporary totalization of work and play and the spatial, social, economic and creative models associated with it.


2-3 pm Crude Ideals

Hamed Khosravi, Reinhold Martin,  Todd Reisz,  Ivan Rupnik,  Adrian Lahoud,  Anthony Fontenot


Examining the energy resource economies as drivers of city form, including contemporary smart cities and off-the-grid settlements.


3-4 pm Trojan Horses & Little Americas

Keller Easterling, Felicity D. Scott,  Mimi Zeiger,  Peter Zellner


Examining how architecture sneaks in programmatic and ideological agendas into foreign territories in a state of disguise.


4-5 pm Labor LEED & The Invisibles

Erin Rae Hoffer, Mabel Wilson,  Alejandro Zaera-Polo,  Brendan McGetrick


Exploring the protocols that perpetuate the exclusion of social groups from the decision making table while speculating about what new tools, codes and system of measurement can be implemented to produce higher levels of equality among the individuals building, living and servicing architecture.


5-6 pm Reprogramming & Bullets Without Ideology  

Liz Diller, Michael Hays,  Jorge Otero-Pailos,  Eyal Weizman


Examining the architectural implications of technological, political and ideological paradigm shifts while exploring the ideological openness – or vacuum- of prototypical architecture, which by definition presents solutions in search of a problem.


6-7 pm Closing Drinks and thoughts by Forensis

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